The MosquitOasis Super Deluxe


About this item

  • Nice Polyester and Fine Mosquito Netting
  • Designed in the USA, made in China
  • Nice Polyester and Fine Mosquito Netting
  • Designed in the USA, made in China
  • 100% enclosed so you’re safe from biting bugs and assorted unsavory vermin
  • BOING!! Pops up instantly like magic so you can save time at the campsite.
  • Attaches to standard camping cot like many summer camps use. Comfortable!

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The MosquitOasis Personal Sleep Sanctuary is the perfect refuge for kids at summer camp where extra protection from mosquitoes, biting insects, and other assorted vermin is a necessity for a safe, cozy night’s sleep. Many summer camps provide open-air platform tents or yurts. This pop-up mosquito net tent opens instantly and attaches to a camping cot creating a personal space for sleeping or just taking a break. Campers can hang an overhead reading lamp from the overhead clips and store small gear, books or glasses in the interior pockets for easy access.

The Super Deluxe version of the MosquitOasis features bottom straps (instead of corner ties) and a front gear pocket that hangs over the edge of the cot. It also comes with a larger carry case, a super soft sleeping mat, a reading lamp and a privacy cover.

Invented by a Boy Scout and his dad, the MosquitOasis offers a significant improvement over traditional “do-it-yourself” mosquito net enclosures that tend to leave open gaps and are difficult to use in a crowded platform tent.

NOTE: The MosquitOasis is fantastic, but like all pop-up tents it can be a little tricky to fold back up. Please review the enclosed folding instructions and the take-down videos carefully so you don’t bend the springs or lose your mind!


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