Going to Boy Scout camp this summer? Sleep snug as a bug, but without the bugs!

The MosquitOasis Personal Sleep Sanctuary was designed with Boy Scout campers in mind! Many Boy Scout camps use platform tents which keep out a little rain, but not much else. Camper's need to rig-up a mosquito net to keep safe from bites and stings and it's kind of a pain in the butt...to say the least.

The MosquitOasis, however, pops-up instantly and attaches to the sleeping cot for a restful, bug-free slumber. Plus, the MosquitOasis has clips for overhead reading lights and storage pockets for glasses, snacks, books, asthma inhalers or other small items your Boy Scout wants nearby a night. 

Get your own MosquitOasis today!

Boy Scout Campers

This is the slickest product ever for mosquito netting. No mosquito bites overnight! Two thumbs up! Must have item! Highly recommend!! Thank you, MosquitOasis, for saving us from hungry mosquitoes while we sleep!"