Hayden and Riley at MaKaJaWan

We both attended our first Boy Scout camping trip of 13 days. Other scouts had sagging nets with tennis balls and sticks that took a while to setup and needed to be adjusted each night. Some of the tennis ball contraptions never looked taut even with constant adjustments. In contrast, our MosquitOasis popup net sprung open into the ready position, ready to tie the corners to the platform tent cot. BAM! We were ready to go to our next activity. The tent stayed perfectly adjusted so we could just slip into the rigid popup at night. With the two attachment clips along the roof, we attached our lanterns so we could read at night. This is the slickest product ever for mosquito netting. No mosquito bites overnight! Two thumbs up! Must have item! Highly recommend!! Thank you, MosquitOasis, for saving us from hungry mosquitoes while we sleep.

- Hayden and Riley