About Us

MosquitOasis was started by a Scout (Anson) and his dad (Mike) after camping a the MaKaJaWan Scout Camp in Wisconsin which,  like many Scout camps, has open-air platform tents. Camp was great except for one thing…there were lots and lots of mosquitoes!

The main protection from bugs (besides lots of bug spray) was to set up a kind of makeshift/DIT mosquito net using duct tape, wooden dowels, tennis balls and a ground tarp. Seriously…this was the state of the art for Scout camps! The design was horrible to get in and out of, it left space around the edges for bugs to get in, it took up too much space, and the floor tarp collected water when it rained soaking all the gear. In short: it sucked.

There had to be a better way…

The idea of a pop-up mosquito net was not new, but Anson and Mike invented one that would fit neatly inside a platform tent and on top of a cot. The MosquitOasis was designed specifically for Scout Camps and today there are thousands of Scouts who sleep snug as a bug…without bugs…in their very own MosquitOasis Personal Sleep Sanctuary!

Get your very own MosquitOasis Personal Sleep Sanctuary!