Your Personal Sleep Sanctuary.

A pop-up mosquito-net tent designed specifically to be used inside platform tents.

The Super Deluxe is here for Summer 2024

All the bells & whistles to make a little slice of home away from home.

MosquitOasis Models

The Original

Our first and most popular design features easy access entry and corner ties for the typical summer camp cot.

The Deluxe

Features front gear storage pockets and bottom straps, instead of corner ties.

The Deluxe XL

For bigger kids and adults who need additional room for their heads and toes. 80 inches of usable space.

The Super Deluxe

The ultimate tiny home away from home. Comes wiith a sleeping mat, reading light, and privacy cover.

The Reading Light

Our Reading Light hangs inside your MosquitOasis Personal Sanctuary. Available as battery-powered or solar!

The Privacy Cover

For an extra level of cozy get the optional privacy cover design to fit all models of MosquitOasis.

Hayden and Riley

This is the slickest product ever for mosquito netting. No mosquito bites overnight! Two thumbs up! Must have item! Highly recommend!! Thank you, MosquitOasis, for saving us from hungry mosquitoes while we sleep!

Scouting BSA Campers

The mosquitOasis

compact & Lightweight

The MosquitOasis folds neatly into a 22" x 3" carrying case.

Corner Ties

The MosquitOasis ties securely to the top of a standard-size camping cot leaving the floor free for storage under the cot.

Lantern Hangers

Interior lantern hangers allow campers to get zipped in and settled before turning out the light.


Large entrance for easy access has two zipper-pulls. The MosquitOasis can be zipped from the inside or out.

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The Inventors

The MosquitOasis was invented by Anson Moyer and his dad, Mike. The idea was developed after Anson attended a BSA summer camp in Wisconsin where he and all the other scouts were eaten alive by mosquitos! You can read the whole story here. Thank you for visiting us online!

Mike & Anson Moyer